New Webmail Interface

As of September 5th, 2019, Big Tuna has launched our new mobile-responsive webmail interface with improved workflows. This update makes it easier for our clients to quickly send and receive emails, manage contacts, organize important events, and more – even on your smartphone! The new version of our webmail is faster, more accessible, and more […]


Google My Business Checklist

Follow this simple DIY guide to learn how to leverage Google My Business to earn better rankings and attract more customers. Take control of your brand’s online presence! Ensure a live Google My Business listing exists for your brand. To check, “Google” search your business name + address and check the right-hand side of the […]

Google My Business Checklist

Why Do All Websites Look the Same?

A question faced by many businesses looking for a new website is “Why do modern websites all look the same?” This is usually only apparent when looking at site after site and comparing them side-by-side that one comes to this conclusion, but there is some validity to it, and here’s why: Google’s Best Practices Google […]


Internet Explorer is Obsolete

Many years ago, Internet Explorer was a widely used browser. But according to StatCounter, Internet Explorer’s dominance of the web browser market has fallen drastically, from 68.57% in July 2008, to just 3.01% in July 2018. This is due to two main factors: 1. Microsoft has abandoned Internet Explorer. They no longer support/update Internet Explorer […]


Why Reviews Matter (and How to Get More)

How Reviews Impact Your Brand’s Online Presence It would be nice to think that you’re completely in control of your brand’s online presence. After all, you’ve painstakingly dialed in every detail of your website, and you keep all of your social media profiles meticulously updated. But there’s one vital element you can’t leave up to […]


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