Text Messaging for Website Lead Generation

Text Messaging for Leads with Big Tuna Web in Gilbert, AZ

Converting website visitors into leads is crucial for successful website marketing. While common methods include contact forms and phone number options, text messaging is an often overlooked but highly effective tool. Implementing text messaging has increased visitor response rates by over 50% in some cases.

The Benefits of Having a Texting Feature on Your Website

Text messaging offers a more discreet and less complicated way to initiate contact, making it an appealing option for many. Unlike phone calls, which require immediate attention, text messages can be responded to replied to when convenient.

Text messaging tends to feel less intrusive than a phone call and quicker than filling out a contact form. This lower barrier to entry makes it more likely to get a response, especially when the visitor prefers a quick, convenient way to start a conversation. Whether they’re multitasking or simply more comfortable with texting, providing this option can significantly improve your lead generation efforts.

How Does It Work?

When a user is on your site for a period of time, they are presented with an option to communicate via text message. If they are on a mobile device and choose to engage, they are taken directly to the texting feature on their phone with your number pre-populated. If the user is on a computer, they are prompted to fill out a form that initiates a text message between you and the website visitor. To see it in action, check out the bigtuna.com homepage.

How Much?

There is no additional cost—in other words, $0. In our commitment to continually improving our products and services, we have developed a straightforward method to integrate text messaging into your website as part of our standard service.

How Do I Get This Feature Added To My Website?

To set this up, simply notify us by emailing our support team at [email protected] with your mobile phone number and your wireless service provider (Verizon, AT&T, etc.).


Phone calls and emails are great, and that should always be an option for users, but text messaging is a powerful tool for lead generation that can transform how you engage with potential clients. By offering a convenient and less intrusive communication option, you can increase response rates and improve customer satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your lead-generation strategy